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Chapter 1

Report: Global e-commerce still faces big challenges
SWOT Analysis
Autopsy of a Dot Com
Special Report: Globalization
The African Internet: A Status Report
The World Wide Translator
The Evolution of E-Business

Chapter 2

Getting the tags in: Vendors Grapple with XML . Authoring, Editing and Cleanup
XML Databases Offer Greater Search Capabilities
Satellite: The Only Game Out of Town
Getting a lock on Broadband
The Deep Web: Surfacing Hidden Value
The Semantic Web
Wi-Fi Goes to Work
IPv6:Is it Inevitable?
Cable: This Technology is the Simplest and Most Popular Option
Mad as Hell About DSL
XML Exposed
Broadband and the New User Experience
Bluetooth: Get Wired Without the Wires
Mobile Devices: One Generation From Useful
Turn XML into HTML
Boeing Shows How XML Can Help Business
Wireless Broadband in a Box
Some Bet the Future of Broadband Belongs to Regional Bells, Not Cable
DSL on the Rise

Chapter 4

Behavioural differences between consumers attracted to shopping online versus traditional supermarkets: implications for enterprise design and marketing strategy
The Customer Rules
Behind Kozmo's Demise: Thin Profit Margins
Bigger, Richer Ads Go Online
Reevaluating Affiliate Marketing
Kozmo Kills the Messenger
The Market Valuation of Internet Channel Additions
Do e-Ads Have a Future?
Online Ads Take Off--Again: Mainstream marketers are hiking their Internet ad spending
Creative Coddling, Great Word of Mouth
Bright Spots in Marketing
Brand New Branding
Online Advertising Is Ready to Click
The Future of Advertising
The Great Flameout
How an Ad-Based Online Company Grew in 2001
Do You Really Know Your Customers?
Domain-Name Disputes Get Personal
Tools of the Trade
Dot-com noir: When Internet marketing goes sour
Pepsi's Aim is True
Branding on the Net
Banners Can Brand, Honestly They Can
Seize the Occasion: Usage-Based Segmentation for Internet Marketers
Kozmo to shut down, lay off 1,100
Nader Group Criticizes Pay-for-Placement Search Engines
My Shoe Size? It'll Cost You
Web? What Web?
From usability to credibility: On-line trust and how to build it
Contextual Advertising in Context

Chapter 5

Supply Chain Strategies    other James B. Ayers - SCM Articles
Motorola's E-Business Intelligence
Build Lasting Partnerships: Collaboration is the name of the game at General Motors
Covisint leads drive to move motor industry from EDI to XML
Volkswagen Steering Online Auctions In-House
Autopsy of a Dot Com:Chemdex
Five Success Factors for Private Trading Exchanges
EDI is Dead! Long Live EDI!
MicroAge's Internet-Based Training Program
Boeing Shows How XML Can Help Business
Why Translating EDI to XML Is So Difficult
EDI-To-Web Move Promises ROI
Wal-Mart Mandates Secure, Internet-Based EDI For Suppliers
From EDI to XML
E-Business Key To Automotive Suppliers' Success, Survey Shows
How to Grow Your B2B Network
Pillar of the Community: XML is becoming the standard platform for the interenterprise processes on which B2B e-commerce depends
EDI, ebXML groups agree to cooperate
Michelin Sees Long Road to B2B Adoption
Large Auto Suppliers To Drive Web Supply Chain
Auto Hub Revamps
Beyond Private Exchanges: The Private Business Network
Portals, You Say? This One's Private: Ericsson's intranet is a give-and-take affair with employees
Transporters Move to Deliver on E-Commerce
Winn-Dixie's Supply Chain Success Story
Group maps RosettaNet to supply-chain process
Killer Supply Chains
Medical Cos. Track E-Learning
B2B: The Best is Yet to Be
EDI Service Providers: A Ray of Hope in Difficult Seas
VCML: The Right Choice To Bridge XML, EDI Data Formats
B2B Grows Up
EDI: What Death? The convergence of EDI, XML and Internet technology
More Than Cheap Supplies

Chapter 6

Going Out of Business Since 1903
How Yahoo! Japan Beat eBay at Its Own Game
The Portal Reborn
Can Yahoo Make 'em Pay?
Captains of Portal Destiny
Portals Shape the Promise of the Internet
Building Global Communities: How business is partnering with sites that draw together like-minded consumers
US Air Force Builds Portal "> The Outside-In Portal
Reverse auctions make a bid for the business world
A Community That Stays Together, Pays Together
eBay's Secret Ingredient
Go Sell It on the Mountain
Auction Drop-Off Stores Offer Consignment Services to Non-eBayers
Movie Reviews to Go
Online, itty-bitty auctions are besting the big boys.

Additional articles

Reverse Auctions: Bad Idea? "Name your price" is now a reality
Forward Thinking About Reverse Auctions
Associated General Contractors of America White Paper on Reverse Autcions for Procurement of Construction
The Value of Reverse Auctions
Reverse Auctions: Much Ado About Nothing or the Wave of the Future?
Take the Uncertainty Out of Reverse Auctions
Cities Find Success with Online Reverse Auction

Chapter 10

Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses and Zombies
On the Limits of Steganography
The Myth of Secure Computing $$$
Digital Signatures Law to Speed Online B-to-B Deals
IT Security And The Law
Low-cost defense
Phishing on the rise +++
The MailFrontier Phishing IQ Test +++
Information Security: IRS Electronic Filing Systems (GAO-01-306)
Is This World Cyber War I?
SirCam: Devious, But Not Sinister
Symantec Firewall/VPN Devices Secure the Small Office at the Right Price
Department of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria - Orange Book
Enterprise Firewalls
Best Buy: May Day Mayday for Security
ZixIt Corp
Advanced Encryption Standard
Thanks, Warchalkers
Security Technology and Other Issues
Lack of Trust Could Impact E-commerce Sales
Security of the Internet
Security, Microsoft Style--No Safety Net?
Microsoft's Security Problem--and Ours
'Secure' U.S. Site Wasn't Very
MasterCard completes payment-processing system
Get It Right, Redmond
Ethical Hacking
The Cost of Free IIS
Phishing for Trouble
Biometrics gets thumbs up
The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm
September 11 changes everything
So Many Patches, So Little Time
Security Concerns Top agenda
Government Infosec gets failing grade
Growing Up with a Little Help from the Worm
Infosec's Worst Nightmares The 5 past attacks that haunt us, the 5 fears that trouble us.
Testing for Software Security
The Crypto Myth
The Data Encryption Standard
Microsoft in hot seat after Code Red
Record-breaking year for security incidents expected
Fixes Named Along With Top 20 Holes
Mapping of wireless networks could pose enterprise risk
Possible S&P Security Holes Reveal Risks of E-Commerce
Analysts: Better to Be Safe Than Sorry With Viruses
Corporations Left Hanging as Security Outsourcer Shuts Doors
VPNs Don't Fly Outside Firewalls
Holey Software!

Other Links of Interest

Managing the Digital Enterprise is an open courseware educational web site hosted by the Open Courseware Laboratory at North Carolina State University. Its purpose is to disseminate scholarly knowledge of the principles and practice of electronic commerce.

Be sure to checkout all of the links on the site too, especially the Guest Lecture Series

The Privacy Place has been developed for the purpose of conducting and disseminating results and recommendations from a project, entitled "Aligning Societal Values, Privacy Policy, and IT Requirements" which is funded by the National Science Foundation.

The ebusinessforum website from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)is designed to provide you with all the information and analysis you need to hone your business strategy for the global digital economy.

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