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MBAC695 Strategies in a Global Environment

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Table of Contents
Book Preface
About the Authors
Sample Chapter
What's New
Feature Summary
Outline of:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

The book is broken up into three main segments; strategy (chap 1-3), organization dynamics (chap 4-6), and practical application with future considerations (chap 7-8).

Each chapter within each segment has three main sections; topical discussion, cases, and readings (i.e. journal type articles) related to the chapter's topic.

URL's for Case studies

Case 1-1: Case 1-2: Case 1-3:
Jollibee Foods Corporation
Acer, Inc.
Icon Medialab
Case 2-1: Case 2-2: Case 2-3:
Toys 'R' Us
Wine Institute
Case 3-1: Case 3-2: Case 3-3: Case 3-4:


News Corporation

GE Medical Systems

Case 4-1: Case 4-2: Case 4-3: Case 4-4:

Matsushita Electric Works

Becton Dickinson Vacutainer Systems

Schneider Electric

Asea Brown Boveri

Case 5-1: Case 5-2: Case 5-3: Case 5-4:
Procter & Gamble

McKinsey & Company


Meridian Technologies, Inc.

Case 6-1: Case 6-2: Case 6-3:
Fuji Xerox

The Renault-Nissan Alliance

Star Alliance

Case 7-1: Case 7-2: Case 7-3: Case 7-4:
BRL Hardy
Banrock Station

Schindler India

GE Canada
GE Supply

Genzyme Corp.

Case 8-1: Case 8-2:
General Electric

Articles by/about these Authors

Christopher Bartlett Bio from Harvard Business School
Global Myth Manager Christopher Bartlett argues that the mythic "global manager" doesn't quite match up with the reality of working overseas.
You're Wasting Your Employees! What You Can Do About It A decade of organizational restructuring has produced employees "who are more exhausted than empowered, more cynical than self-renewing," - an article in the HBS Working Knowledge written by Christopher A. Bartlett & Sumantra Ghoshal
The New Global Business Manager What are the critical skills global managers need today compared to ten years ago? An interview with Harvard Business School professor Christopher A. Bartlett.

HBS Working Knowledge

Topic Descriptions

Business History Development over time of industries, companies, business practices, and management ideas.
Career Effectiveness Practices and ideas for managing professional development and relationships in the workplace.
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship as a way of managing in new and old organizations of all sizes.
Finance Covers financial management developments, practices, and ideas in companies, institutions, and financial markets.
Globalization Focuses on the need for business to adapt to an increasingly interconnected global economy. It includes such topics as cross-border operations, the impact of national cultures and governments, and the diverse nature of business management around the world.
Innovation The development of new products, processes, and ideas as well as the disruptive nature of modernization.
Leadership Defines the skills, abilities, and personal qualities needed by today's leaders.
Marketing The role of marketing and its relationship to a company's other functions, showing how effective techniques and strategy can create value.
Operations Understanding the complex processes underlying today's manufacturing and service operations.

Organizations The challenges posed by today's competitive economy in the areas of organizational change and structure, workforce management, and human resources.
Social Enterprise Leadership and management of nonprofit organizations and other private social-purpose undertakings
Strategy How business executives can effectively manage an enterprise while nurturing competitive advantage.
Technology Spotlights developments in the world of emerging technologies and their impact on business

Articles on Innovation

A Three Phase Model of Innovation - Roger Smith
Building success into a high-tech start-up - John T. Preston
Innovation in Science and Technology - James L. Crowley
Standards, Innovation, and Survival  The role of dominant standards in the life cycles of industries - Edwin Lee
The Life Cycle of a Technology: Why it is so difficult for large companies to innovate  Everett M Rogers
Innovations speak louder than words

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